October 2017

Hello my dear friends and family - we greet you in the precious name of Jesus!   I know it has been a while since I sent an Update from Romania and I do apologise - it has been a very hectic few months but, praise God, we can see our way through!

Having the team from P2N (Pacific to Nations) Manurewa Life Church, (all seven of them for two weeks) was amazing, and so much was achieved for the Kingdom.  Pastor Lui preached at our church and also out in a village where many came to hear the Word.  The team helped Phil get the concrete foundations laid so it could be dry for the house build in Tampa, and they also installed two water wells and pumps for the Puti family and the Lunca family which continue to work well.  To have access to good clean water is life changing, just as we continue to cover the work with the power of God's Living Water and see lives changed as we introduce the people of Tampa to our precious Saviour, Jesus Christ.  We held a barbecue and ministered to all the village.  The weather was extremely hot - there were days when the temperature got up to 43oC - but the team persevered regardless.  And the fellowship was wonderful!


The following week we took the eldest Puti daughter, Rosanna, aged 14, into our house.  It was done to rescue her from the village boss who has been sending all girls from 14 up to Hungary for prostitution.  Unfortunately it did not work out and three weeks later we had to return her to her parents.  We continue to pray for her protection because the threat to her freedom and safety is very real.

Two weeks later we had a visit from Ase and Treena from Norway and they helped Phil install brackets, corner posts and base boards to the foundation.

While Ase was here we had another meeting with the local Mayor and have made a little progress towards getting two more classrooms and indoor bathrooms added to the Tampa school, and discussed a community shower block.  We always look forward to Ase’s visits.

Two weeks later we welcomed the first team from Wales to build the second part of the Puti house. (Jordan Willis, Rebekah Holland and Steven).  They worked so fast we were worried we would not have enough work for Team 2 but we were able to fill in their time!


Funding for the building came from L.E.G.O. Romania in Norway and we are so grateful.  Team 1 purchased a new soba (wood burning cooker) and a washing machine for the Puti Family.

The new house was completed the following week by Team 2 (Jordan Willis, Bryan Meikle, Andy Phillips and his son Matthew Griffiths).  We are so grateful for the time and effort that each person put into this project.


It looks wonderful and the whole family was in tears when it was finished.  There have been a few smaller jobs for Phil to finish and he is almost done. All but two people from the Welsh teams have been here before, so much fun was had catching up with old friends as well as meeting new ones.

We continue with our school feeding programme and distribution of food, medicine, clothing and furniture with our Norwegian support.  Diana, Eva and Terezia continue to help in every way and are working hard in the shops.  It is a beautiful thing to watch the girls continue to grow.  God is so very good to us all.

We are truly in awe of the way God provides and supports us all in these endeavours - we could not be here doing His will if it were not for the wonderful support we receive from you all.  We continually pray for our brothers and sisters at Centre Church and we are so glad you pray for us.  You are all part of everything we do.  We declare you blessed as we remain your servants in Christ Jesus in Romania.

Much love April and Phil Lynn