October 2017

Hello my dear friends and family - we greet you in the precious name of Jesus!   I know it has been a while since I sent an Update from Romania and I do apologise - it has been a very hectic few months but, praise God, we can see our way through!

Having the team from P2N (Pacific to Nations) Manurewa Life Church, (all seven of them for two weeks) was amazing, and so much was achieved for the Kingdom.  Pastor Lui preached at our church and also out in a village where many came to hear the Word.  The team helped Phil get the concrete foundations laid so it could be dry for the house build in Tampa, and they also installed two water wells and pumps for the Puti family and the Lunca family which continue to work well.  To have access to good clean water is life changing, just as we continue to cover the work with the power of God's Living Water and see lives changed as we introduce the people of Tampa to our precious Saviour, Jesus Christ.  We held a barbecue and ministered to all the village.  The weather was extremely hot - there were days when the temperature got up to 43oC - but the team persevered regardless.  And the fellowship was wonderful!


The following week we took the eldest Puti daughter, Rosanna, aged 14, into our house.  It was done to rescue her from the village boss who has been sending all girls from 14 up to Hungary for prostitution.  Unfortunately it did not work out and three weeks later we had to return her to her parents.  We continue to pray for her protection because the threat to her freedom and safety is very real.

Two weeks later we had a visit from Ase and Treena from Norway and they helped Phil install brackets, corner posts and base boards to the foundation.

While Ase was here we had another meeting with the local Mayor and have made a little progress towards getting two more classrooms and indoor bathrooms added to the Tampa school, and discussed a community shower block.  We always look forward to Ase’s visits.

Two weeks later we welcomed the first team from Wales to build the second part of the Puti house. (Jordan Willis, Rebekah Holland and Steven).  They worked so fast we were worried we would not have enough work for Team 2 but we were able to fill in their time!


Funding for the building came from L.E.G.O. Romania in Norway and we are so grateful.  Team 1 purchased a new soba (wood burning cooker) and a washing machine for the Puti Family.

The new house was completed the following week by Team 2 (Jordan Willis, Bryan Meikle, Andy Phillips and his son Matthew Griffiths).  We are so grateful for the time and effort that each person put into this project.


It looks wonderful and the whole family was in tears when it was finished.  There have been a few smaller jobs for Phil to finish and he is almost done. All but two people from the Welsh teams have been here before, so much fun was had catching up with old friends as well as meeting new ones.

We continue with our school feeding programme and distribution of food, medicine, clothing and furniture with our Norwegian support.  Diana, Eva and Terezia continue to help in every way and are working hard in the shops.  It is a beautiful thing to watch the girls continue to grow.  God is so very good to us all.

We are truly in awe of the way God provides and supports us all in these endeavours - we could not be here doing His will if it were not for the wonderful support we receive from you all.  We continually pray for our brothers and sisters at Centre Church and we are so glad you pray for us.  You are all part of everything we do.  We declare you blessed as we remain your servants in Christ Jesus in Romania.

Much love April and Phil Lynn


July 2017

Hello and greetings in the precious name of Jesus! We have been back in Romania two months since our awesome visit to see all our family and friends in New Zealand and it has been a really busy time. As the weather has been heating up we are getting to complete many things that were impossible to do during the winter, like getting building projects underway again with two teams from Wales coming to finish the second stage of the Puti house.

Renovations required ...

Makeover urgently needed ...

Makeover urgently needed ...

We have a team of seven arrive from Manurewa Life Church, and part of what they will do is help Philip to construct the boxing for the concrete floor so we can get that finished and dry before the Welsh team arrive to finish the construction. We are not builders so it takes a lot of work organizing materials etc. This week the girls, Diana, Eva and Terezia will start to paint the pallets we will be using in the construction.  This is necessary because most timber here is untreated.

Phil, Terezia, Diana and Eva

Phil, Terezia, Diana and Eva

We have been continuing our school feeding programme where families who keep their kids in school for the whole month receive a monthly food parcel, clothing and school materials. School has just broken up for the holidays and we have several exciting things to do with the kids during this time including a barbeque for all the kids in Tampa village, and adults who want to join in.

Kids at play

Kids at play

We are really in awe of the wonderful teachers at Tampa school who are a rare commodity in Romania.  They are so devoted to the kids, and Ibolya, a kindergarten teacher, in her own time trained and entered the kids in the Traditional Dance Competition. They won the city title for their age group and came runner up in the state final! Ibolya found some clothing in what we send to school and everything else she made, but sadly she will not be back after the holidays so I pray for her and for the new teacher who will take her place.

Ibolya and the champion dance team!

Ibolya and the champion dance team!

The shops have been a bit slow for the last couple of months, but the girls are working hard and are such a blessing to us in everything we do. We continue to pray with many in the village and want you to join us as we pray for salvation and provision and health for these precious ones. We also visit with other really poor families in other areas and give whatever assistance we can. The numbers continue to grow.

We love you all and miss you. It was wonderful to catch up with so many, and to those we missed out on seeing we are sorry. Thank you for your support and prayers - we really covet them. May the Lord make His face to shine upon each and every one of you, our precious family.

Phil and April talk of the Lord's work in Romania

Phil and April talk of the Lord's work in Romania

April talks of the Lord's work in Romania

April talks of the Lord's work in Romania

We remain your missionaries to Romania.

April and Philip Lynn

October 2016

Hello and greetings in the precious name of Jesus to all you dear and amazing people! This Update is a little different. Yes it will have some current news, but it is intended to be a letter of encouragement to you all - a letter to instill hope, faith and commitment in each of you. We love you all dearly and really appreciate your prayers and your giving so much. But is there more you could be doing to advance the Kingdom?

 This morning I received a message from a dear friend who reminded me of something she heard Phil and I say many times to our girls and it is true for all of us no matter our age, our circumstances or anything else. We would regularly say "What time is it?" and the girls response is always "Time to Grow Up." For each of us this time is NOW. Time to stand up and be counted as a Christian and look seriously at what we are really doing for the Kingdom. Are we reaching out in love to anyone to lift them up, to help them grow in the things of God, to clothe and feed them, to walk with them as they go through the storms of this world? Or are we quite happy in our own little rut, plodding along, happy with the way things are? Me, mine, and nobody else. Are you really happy with this state? Church on Sunday, a Christian all day on Sunday, then come Monday back to the world, work, eat and sleep with little room for the things God is really calling you to.

 The most common question I hear from Christians is "How do you hear from God and find out what He wants you to do?" Short answer "Change what you are doing and get more of God into your daily life." How!!! you ask? Read The Word daily. It does not matter how long or how much, so long as what you read you activate in your life. God is so in love with us that He gave us choices. If we decide on the things of God, He fully backs every godly decision we make. Stay in prayer and communication with Him and He will eventually show you what the plan for you is.

 There is no such thing as "I can't do that" or "It is too big for me" or "I am not smart enough or brave enough or rich enough" or "I am scared." Whatever your excuse, He has the answer and the support system in place to see you through and provide the skills you need to get it done. So right where you are, right NOW, take a good look around you, find a need in someone else and pray about how you can fill it. I send this in love because I want you all to walk in God's anointing and glory as we try to every day. It is a place of peace, love and happiness, and it is yours too. This is our prayer for you all.


 As you are aware this past week we have had a team of three come to stay with us from three different churches in Wales. Their mission was to help Phil and I to finish a small house for the Puti (pronounced Putsy) family, and their seven children before winter sets in. The mission was a success, and each of the three had a real personal need to achieve while they were here - to strengthen their relationship with God and to hear from Him about the direction they should go next. In communications with them all since their return to Wales it is very clear that their personal needs were met. All glory to our heavenly Father, and thank you Lord for always being faithful to your promises! The progress at this moment is that Phil is completing the house, painting, filling gaps, putting in the insulated ceiling. Tomorrow he will put in the insulated laminated floor, and the new soba (wood burner) which is small as this is the sleeping room and will only need a little heating. The exterior painting is next, but we’ll probably move the family in before we start painting the outside. Each day one of the girls goes with Phil to help. They are such a blessing. Thank you Diana, Eva and Terezia!

Every time we have had people come here to help they have received as much as they have given out. It is not about what we have done or are doing but more to do with their choice in coming here with a genuine wish to help others and get their eyes and minds off day to day problems at home and to start looking at things around them in a Jesus kind of way. None of the people working on the house is a builder or carpenter but together with their shared skills they have all learnt and grown and I for one am very impressed with the result. See a need and fill it. They worked so hard and found fellowship with each other, with us, and with those they were working to help, and it has changed their lives for the better. They have sent us many testimonials, just like every person who has ever come here to help. We are so privileged to be a small part of doing God's will and all things are done to honor Him. Here are two of the testimonials for you to read.

 “Hi Phil and April we want to thank you for the impact you have made on Jordan this year and on us. Thank you for looking after him this week. We have loved the updates and we know that every conversation you have had has added value to Jordan and his walk with the Lord.”

 “Hi April. Whilst delighted to be back with my family I also feel like I don't want to amalgamate back into normal life. It has been such a transformative experience for me. The poverty in evidence was heart breaking but during the time I spent with those children there were real glimpses of Gods' glory. I will definitely be back. When I do it will be with Laura. You will love her, April. She has such a heart for children. A beautiful soul. I want to thank you again for looking after me so considerately. It meant so much. I was able to do my job because of you. I really like Phil. He's a real person. A man of substance. Funny, engaging, patient , consistent, generous. The job you've both done with those girls is amazing. It is a perfect example of the hope that anchors us in our belief. Be blessed. Bryan”

 So, please, if you want to change your life in a positive way, this is an open invitation to come and help. If this is not for you right now then please help someone else to come. We are either goers or senders and both roles are important to the Kingdom. We are so grateful that you sent us. Thank you, Lord. As long as God needs us to remain here we will soldier on.


We remain as always your humble servants in Christ Jesus, with love and blessings declared over each of your lives, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

 April and Phil Lynn

August 2016

Oh so long since I have said Hello to you all but be assured we have not stopped praying for you. Technical problems, my techno phobia, health issues, and many visitors have all contributed to the lack of communication and I apologise. So much has been happening here and we have not stopped pursuing God's plan for us and Romania.

We are in the process of having another short promo film made and this is occupying any free time we may have but all is going well.

The girls, Diana, Eva and Terezia have all moved back home at their request for several reasons. First they realise there is still so much for them to learn from us and they also wanted to help financially with the cost of the house instead of giving the money to a landlord. God bless them for their loving and generous hearts!

We no longer have any connection to Romania Aid Norway and this has helped us become more focused on what God wants us to do. This in no way lessens the amount of help we give to the poor and destitute, just changes what we do and how we do it.

The current feeding programmes relate directly to poor families with children of school age - if the children attend school daily, at the end of each month they receive a bag of groceries, and the rules are very clear: No school, No food. We also assist them with other needs like building materials, medicines, furniture and clothing. We are helped in this work by L.E.G.O. Romania in Norway (no, not the toy company!) and its founder Ase Guldsmedmoen. Together with them and the Mayor of Tampa we have undertaken a school building programme to give them two more classrooms so that the class that rents a room from the Orthodox Church can move back to the main school which currently has two rooms and an outside toilet and no play ground. We look forward to giving further news on this project.

God has been moving in an awesome way in Tampa village and we are seeing more people saved all the time, and a big change in the attitudes of the people, making it a pleasure to serve there. Before the school holidays started Ase came for a visit and with the help of the teachers we had a big barbecue in the village for everyone and one little boy said it was the best day of his life, because he was so full of food.

We had an awesome visit from nine friends from several churches in Wales to help us clean, organise and distribute goods in our warehouse. It truly was a blessing, and so much fun. On one day we all went to Tampa and had the entire school meet us at a football field where we played games, ate candy and got to pray for every child. God is so good!

We have also begun building a house for the Puti family in Tampa. This time Phil and I are doing the work of laying the concrete foundation so that it will be dry when a team of three builders come from Wales in October to help Phil complete the build before winter arrives. He completed the boxing and leveling last week and this week he is laying the gravel and sand, then the reinforcing steel before the concrete is poured.

Phil has managed to scavenge a lot of what he needs, but big expenses like the cement are being met by L.E.G.O Romania. It was awesome to see the husband, Attila Puti, and a neighbor, pitch in and help. The plan for the house is from New Zealand and uses recycled pallets.

We continue to assist Estera, a young orphan girl who got involved with an orphan boy and now has three children with another on the way. They have no work and no assistance from the State except a very small child allowance which helps with food.

We had an amazing visit with Paddy Martin a friend from Auckland, and just soaked up the companionship. She is a fun lady! This was followed one week later by a visit with Tracey Levy from Centre Church, my closest friend and confidant, so we spent as much time in fellowship and prayer as out on the road helping and praying for people. We visited all our projects and then made a first visit to two new families so Tracey could be part of the beginning of the process.

Even Phil and I, who thought we had seen most things here, were stunned. At the first house the mother’s name is Rodica, aged 40 and a widow – it’s a small 4 m x 3 m room with a mud floor, mud walls, no windows and a broken down door. They have an old Soba, (wood fired stove for cooking and heating, very dangerous) and three expandable sofas. No water or electricity. Over 20 people live in this room, Rodica’s16 children as well as the two boyfriends of the two eldest girls, as well as two newborn babies, three days and five days old. It was very dark inside, very hot, and swarming with flies. The babies were covered in flies and everyone was too lethargic to even wave them away. Everything and everyone was dirty and dusty. The distance from our base in Targu Mures is over an hour and a half so it is a big call but I really feel the Holy Spirit telling me we can do this. We have been taking food, clothes etc. There is no room at present for other furniture. In the past month with school just starting she has got five kids in school and three in kindergarden so we have to make sure there are enough clothes for them to go to school.

When we visited this past weekend, we were confronted by other villagers as we were leaving to tell me that I should not help this woman because she is bad and the clothes she did not wash she just burnt or sold. And all I could think of was God loves a cheerful giver! That means that once we give something away it is not ours and, as Phil said, at least she had something to burn and by selling some she had money for food. We were told by these women that they were Christians and we should help them first because God said help the brothers and sisters first. I told them Jesus spent most of His efforts for the poor and lost, and then we drove off. In the village situation we see so much jealousy and aggressive behaviour. 

The second family were not much better off but had two rooms and 22 people so we are also providing support for them. During our visits to people like these we always pray for them and we know God hears and is faithful so we will see change here.

We are so honored and privileged to be able to serve God in Romania, and we are grateful for your support both spiritually and financially. We really need your prayers!

We remain your servants in Christ Jesus.

Much love

April and Phil Lynn